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The fashion for organic food plays a cruel joke with us. We are so passionately believe in its usefulness that underestimate the caloric content of ingested almost twice, U.S. researchers have found organic food ontario

Author of organic agriculture - Walter James, the fourth Baron Nortborn. The word organic is not it used in the chemical sense (like "molecules that contain carbon atoms"), and physiological - of the word "organism". In his book "Behold the Land" (1940), he contrasted the "chemical farming" concept "farm as an organism." Gradually the practice of producing "organic produce" refined and deepened the requirements and regulations. Now that the product was awarded the title of the organic in its composition must be at least 95% "organic" ingredients. This would be better than trying to economize by buying lower quality fruits and vegetables. Read More
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Feb 28, 2012

I like the Trader Joe `s best burger chicago makes it much more R / D work on new products to the public. Wandering in the store the other day, I found my # 1 "fully prepared roast beef with organic experience", and really wanted to try organic pizza.

A $ 8.99 per pound, a little bit expensive, but most things are in the round table, in the supermarket today's standards.


Feb 28, 2012

The role of agriculture in the economy of a country or region shows the structure and level of development agricultural productivity. As indicators of the role of agriculture use the share of employment in agriculture among the economically active population, as well as the share of agriculture in GDP.

These figures are quite high in most developing countries ...


Feb 28, 2012

Genetically modified food is unfortunately becoming more popular amongst farmers and food processors. Crops are being genetically modified to resist insects, plant diseases, insecticides and pesticides. Learn how to pickle modified cucumbers.

Plants are also modified to look bigger and better. Unfortunately the GMO can affect your to immune system.